Youth Leadership Programme

Meet young change-makers of the Arab region

About Us

Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) was launched by UNDP in 2015 to bring together a community of young social innovators across the Arab region, to lead change for the Sustainable Development Goals

Our Pillars

Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Equality and Social Innovation


Youth Leadership Programme (YLP)

The Youth Leadership Programme (YLP) launched in 2015 to build the region's most dynamic network working at the intersection of youth, innovation and sustainable development. YLP has run four successful cycles and, as of end of 2019, has worked with over 20,000 youth participants and supported 7,000+ projects. YLP participants have launched and established successful small businesses, won municipality elections, received recognition and awards for their innovative solutions, and presented their ideas at renowned universities and global platforms like the ECOSOC Youth Forum within the UN Headquarters in New York, Stanford University, Hult International Business School, and the European Parliament.

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Our Pillars

Gender Equality

Sustainable Development Goals

Social Innovation

Better Leaders for Better Communities

Reached 40 youth from 18 countries

"I am honored to be a YLP alumna. It was my first step towards pursuing goals in my life that I knew could make the world more sustainable today and for the generations that will follow us."

Heba Katoon, Egypt

Reached 500 youth from 14 countries

Innovation for the SDGs

"My network has grown immensely, and my prototype was rebuilt into a more sustainable idea. YLP has been extremely fulfilling."

Salma Belhassine, Tunisia
Accelerating Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development

Reached 2000 youth from 13 countries

"YLP provides youth with advanced methods that can transform their ideas into projects, making them capable of implementing them on a scientific basis and achieve positive sustainable change."

Sarah Al-Majeedi, Yemen

Reached 5000 youth from 12 countries

Innovating for Sustainable Impact

"This workshop is a great opportunity to meet other organizations from our country which work with similar objectives. It’s a chance to coordinate our efforts to maximize impact."

Hussein Shoman, Nabd Organization, Lebanon
Engagement in full circle

Reached 15000 youth from 11 countries

"YLP has propelled my project forward in terms of realizing that it is possible. I have seen other youth in similar situations and seeing this has given me the confidence to accomplish my own goals."

Abdirazaq Sheikh Abdjeahid Hassan, YLP5 youth participant, Somalia
More than 80 partners from 15 Countries See More

The Way Forward 2019-2021


Build a more sustainable and inclusive future for the Arab region


Consolidate and expand the network of youth-serving organizations


Establish youth-led hubs across the region



Institutionalize the YLP approach and develop an online Learning Facility


Support the scaling up of youth development solutions


Pioneer development of an impact assessment tool to measure YLP's reach